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About AFF (Formose en France)

History of AFF,  Who We Are and What We Do

The Formose­ en France Association (AFF)  is committed to fostering vibrant cultural, linguistic, and social exchanges between Taiwan and France. Our mission goes beyond boundaries as we promote universal values of freedom and democracy, while celebrating Taiwan's unique cultural heritage.

To Make a Long story short

History of AFF

  • Founded Taiwanese in Paris Association in the 1970s

  • Renamed as Taiwanese in France Association in 1996

  • No elections or operations since 2004

  • Resumed activities in April 2020, registered in France as  Formose en France Association (AFF)

  • Member of the World Taiwanese Association and the European Taiwan Association (EFTA)

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Hands Up

Who We Are

  • 6 Board Memers (including one Supervisory Director), evenly split between genders

  • Annual membership fee ( 50% discount for students)

  • Over 40 members, residing in France, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, and Estonia

  • Members aged 20-80 include French and Taiwanese nationals, students, overseas Taiwanese, professionals, artists, and Olympic athletes.

What We Do

  • AFF Salon: Conference & Debate

  • Taiwanese/Tâi-gí Learning & Exchange

  • Art and Cultural Visits & workshops

  • Interviews with prominent figures in France

  • Social Gatherings

  • Mutual Support with other Overseas Taiwanese communities

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